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Keystone ECO SPW3
Portable Solar Panel Charger
Foldable Wallet Style - 3 Panels
An ultra portable solar panel charger lined with 3 flat solar panels that works in sun or shade. The solar panels are arranged so that the charger can be folded into a wallet and secured by two snaps, which make it easy to carry and store. With its built-in USB port, you can directly charge your USB device by connecting it with the USB cable that works with your device. It works great with rechargeable battery pack so you always have green power to charge your gadgets. The solar cells used in the charger are flexible, only 1mm thin, and made in the USA.
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  • Flexible solar panel U.S. technology
  • 3 x 1mm thin solar panels folded to a wallet for easy carrying and storage.
  • Works in full or partial sun
  • Easy to use with built-in USB port
  • Charging efficiency is not affected by extreme temperature
  • Works with USB-chargeable battery packs and small electronic devices
  • Easy to carry in a briefcase, backpack, and purse.
  • Durable and safe, no glass, coated with UV polymers
  • Perfect for travel, vacation, camping and outdoor activities
  • Use it together with Keystone ECO PP1500 or PP2000 Power PAK for always ready green power