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Keystone ECO Booster
Battery Pack for Android Smart Phones
Keystone ECO Booster is an ultra slim 1400 mAH battery pack with a built-in retractable Micro USB cable that charges all smart phones that use Micro USB power input. Simply pull out its built-in Micro USB cable and connect to your smart phone, the blue LED indicators will light up showing the charging is in place and the power level in the Booster. One unique feature of the Booster is that it is attachable to the phone. The Booster has a removable protective cover with a built-in stand. Inside the cover is an adhesive pad for attaching to the back of your smart phone while charging. Put the removable protective cover to the other side of the Booster will enhance the grip of your phone. You can also open the stand and view and charge at the same time. The adhesive pad is removable and washable for repetitive use. The Booster can be charged alone or with the phone together at the same time by using the Micro USB cable that comes with your smart phone.
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  • 1400 mAh, rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
  • Built-in retractable Micro USB Cable for charging Smart phones and other electronic devices using Micro USB power input
  • Attachable to back of smart phone with the built-in adhesive pad while charging
  • Removable snap-on cover to protect the adhesive pad or use as a stand vertically or horizontally
  • Battery check button & LED indicators
  • Ultra slim & lightweight
  • Easily recharges Booster alone or with phone together using the Micro USB cable that comes with the smart phone